When is enough, enough?

Running your own business, or being involved in an activity you love is a good thing, until it overcomes you and becomes a divisive thing.

We all know people who love what they do and are very good at it.  My husband is one of those people.  I used to be one of those people too, until I learned some very interesting lessons.

Many years ago I ran my own window covering business.  I took care of all the marketing, sales, installations and customer service for my business.  I worked from early morning into the late night hours, always thinking if I continued to work hard everything would go well for me.

Well, I was so focused on success and getting things done that I began to lose sight of why I was in business to begin with.  My original goal had been to provide a great product for my clients and excellent customer service.

My drive began to work against me.  I was stressed out, overworked, angry and generally no fun to be around.

I had to learn that it was okay, and actually essential for me to have down time, time when I focused on other activities and people in order to keep myself in balance.  Balance in all things is a very important quality to remember and maintain.  It will keep you sane, calm and enjoying the very work you love to do.

For any of you out there who work yourselves to distraction, or know anyone who is in this mindset, remind them, and yourself to stop for a moment, or an hour or a few days if possible and recenter your priorities.  You will be happier, your coworkers and employees will be happier and your loved ones will also be happier.

I’m just sayin’.

Cheers!  Leslie


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