Happy Wiensfest!!!

Wiens Family Cellars celebrated our 4th Anniversary with Wiensfest!!!  Our Wine Club members were invited to a party with lots of activities, entertainment, great food and excellent beers & wines.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative, but everyone had a great time regardless.

Upon arrival you got your drink of choice and visited with the folks.  We had the normal beers but were fortunate to have on tap, beers from a new brewery here in Temecula called Black Market Brewery.  Check it out!  Andrew has a great thing going and we’d love for you to head his way for some tasting!

Charressa and Luke, my niece and nephew enjoying the party!

George, Lee and Jeff, 3 of my brother-in-laws (or outlaws as the case can sometimes be!!!)

Of course everyone remembers Lucy and the grape stomping adventure so they enjoyed being part of the merriment.  The contests were fierce this year and the winners each received a bottle of Wiens wine as a prize much to everyone’s satisfaction!!!

More contestants!

 If you got hungry wandering around or watching all those grape stomping activities, or listening and dancing to the Gordon Kohl & Music band, there were plenty of german delights to enjoy!  Volker, our chef, did an amazing job presenting the best of the best traditional treats!!!

Since Mother Nature decided to send us showers, we moved the band inside and enjoyed the remainder of the activities in a dry and comfortable venue.

These guests were enjoying the music and dancing their hearts out!

Here’s Debbie, (Doug, the winemaker’s wife & therefore a sister-in-law)  competing in the strong girl or girlie-girl competition.  There were 3 groups of ladies that entered this competition!  Go ladies!!!

These folks were entered in the costume contest.

As were the rest of these folks!  The ladies in the shorter green skirts are our lovely events gals and their assistants!

Enjoying the activities are my aunt Aletha, myself and another sister-in-law, Beth.

This crazy trio is Grandma Mary ( my mother-in-law), yours truly, and David, my husband, who was able to sit down and enjoy himself finally.

The mood of the day was relaxed and happy, filled with great company to enjoy and lots of prizes being handed out!  We invite you to join us next year for our 5th Anniversary!

Cheers!  Leslie


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