The Sweet Life

Are you someone who likes to walk on the sweet side of wine???  Well, starting today, until Tuesday, October 19, 2010 we are offering 2 sweet dessert wines, Clementine and Dulce Maria, and our Amour De L’ Orange Sparkling wine as a 3 pack for $55.00 or $44.00 for our Wine Club members.  This offer is available ONLINE only, check ship to states.

This trio will send you swooning! As I mentioned in a previous post  the Clementine is our newest member on the dessert list and she’s a lovely addition.  The Dulce Maria has been a favorite on our dessert list for quite a while and was actually named after a family member.

Grandma Mary, the matriarch of the Wiens clan, mentioned to her son Doug, the winemaker, that she loved sweet wines.  Doug then created this yummy sweet wine and named it after his mom, Mary.  So Dulce Maria means Sweet Mary.

Last but not least is our delicious Amour De L’ Orange Sparkling wine.  It is a great choice any time of day or night, by itself or with a little orange juice delicately mixed in.

Wiens Family Cellars
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Wiens Family Cellars – 888.98.WIENS – Temecula, California

You can’t go wrong having all three of these on hand for every day and any special occasion!  Take advantage of this great offer before time runs out!

Cheers!  Leslie

This offer has expired.


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