A Special evening

Saturday night our tasting room employees and their spouses were invited to join us for dinner and a vertical wine tasting in our barrel room.  For those of you not familiar with a vertical tasting, it is small tastes of 1 varietal for comparison purposes.  The varietal we were comparing was Wiens Family Cellars Primitivo starting with the 2009 out of the barrel and going backwards each year to our beginning vintage of 2001.

The employees were able to comment on each wine and then Doug, our winemaker, would explain the growing conditions and the rest of the circumstances surrounding each vintage.  It was amazing how different each wine tasted yet how certain flavors were consistent through each vintage.

Throughout the tasting, Bob, our Tasting Room manager, presented a slide show and narrative explaining the journey the Wiens family has been on since the first vineyard was planted in 1996. 

As I listened, I was struck by the amazing journey it has actually been.  When you’re in the midst of something you just take each day as it comes and make adjustments as necessary.  I have to say, I’m very proud and grateful to have been able to travel this journey with my husband and his family over these past 13 years.  Their dedication and hard work to this endeavor has developed into an amazing  accomplishment.

I was going to share pictures, but since it was a private event for our employees I feel the need to respect their privacy.

This experience has spurred me on to look through all the old pictures and I’ll be posting some shots to take you through our 10 year journey, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, check here for a brief history lesson.

Cheers!  Leslie


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