A Shout Out…

…to Lucas Nelson and The Promise of the Real!!! 

On Aug 7th Lucas & The Promise of the Real played at Wiens Family Cellars.  The guys gave an amazing performance and if you ever have the opportunity to see them in action, please take it!!  You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a sample of the band’s work found on YouTube.

You can find all their information on their website .  Grab the opportunity to learn about each member of this great group, and find a performance date near you.

If you happen to be in Milwaukee today  (October 2nd), you can hear them at The Farm Aid Concert, along with a long list of heavy hitters.   On Monday, October 4th they will be playing at the historic Kentucky Theatre on Main Street in Lexington! 

If they aren’t in a town or city near you yet, you can still enjoy their sound by purchasing their CD entitled Brando’s Paradise Sessions EP.  Seriously, folks you’ll love it!

Anyway…I wish Lukas and the band great success!  I’m looking forward to them returning to Wiens Family Cellars in the very near future!

Cheers!  Leslie


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