Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

I had never heard about the work Dolly Parton has been doing for children over the past 14 years.  This is very unusual since I have been in and out of the teaching field over the past 30 years and I have sisters-in-law that have been teaching for longer than that.  Anyhoo…this is an amazing organization and is doing incredible work for children from birth until they turn 5 and head to kindergarten.  The work is being carried on by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and you can read about it here.

The Rotary Club of Temecula has taken on the support of this charity for a little over 2 years and that’s why they were at the Berlin concert last Saturday night.  I spoke briefly with Bernie Bramante and he explained a little about their efforts in promoting Dolly’s work.

I believe reading is one of the most important skills children can learn in their early days.  It encourages imagination, reasoning, self-confidence and many more valued skill sets for becoming a well-rounded, well informed citizen in the classroom and eventually the world.

I know many of you have children in your lives in the roles of nieces, nephews, grandchildren and even your own little ones, but some children have no one to read to them, provide them with books or encourage them.

 Would you be willing to forgo 1 specialty coffee drink a month, or a lunch out twice a year or attend one less movie with a bucket of buttered popcorn to give a child 12 months’ worth of books to excite him or her?  If so, please contact Bernie and donate now!

I usually don’t get this worked up about things, but I do believe reading is extremely important to the development and contributions of our upcoming citizens.  I’m sending my $28.00 in to Bernie today, won’t you join me?

For $28.00 you can provide a child with a book a month, mailed to their home to enjoy.  These are books carefully chosen by professionals to promote language, color recognition, alphabet and number recognation all in a fun way.  As each year progresses the subjuct matter in each book selection promotes concepts and skills for the approriate age level.  Pictured above are some of the actual books included in the shipments.

If you do not live in Temecula or the surrounding area, but would like to support a child in your neighborhood, please check here for Imagination Library’s national information.  Thank you!

Cheers!  Leslie


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