Saturday’s special friends

Saturday was a day for lots of special friends’ visits!

Luke (my nephew) and Charressa’s (Luke’s wife) friend Tony was celebrating his 40th birthday and his “crony group” brought him to the winery to celebrate.  After enjoying their wine tasting, they talked me into getting into the picture with them, so here we are in all our glory!  Tony is in the blue shirt with the dark cap on his head next to me!  Happy Birthday, Tony!  Remember to enjoy every day and 40 is the new 30?!?!! Huh???

Photo by Steve (our greeter)

Ryan and Shannon Flinn (Wine Club members) came by to say “Hello”!  Since Wiensfest is soon to be upon us, Ryan bought a hat to get in the mood!  I told him I expected to see him in lederhosen and his hat on Sunday, October 17th!  He said he’d be there!

Photo by Shannon Flinn

If you’re visiting the winery via the internet, send me a note and introduce yourself!


Next time you’re at the winery, if I’m hanging out by the fireplace, or on the patio, swing by to say “Hi!”  I enjoy meeting new people and chatting with our guests!

Cheers!  Leslie


2 responses to “Saturday’s special friends

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, you didn’t have to give me credit for the photo. I just like doing things like that! It’s just my way of being a part of everyone’s enjoyment at Wiens!

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