My path to the winery blog

I thought you might like to hear the tale of how I came to this place of blogging.  If so, keep reading, if not, stop by tomorrow!

When we moved to the Temecula area 5 years ago I stopped working at a paid job.  I wanted to keep busy so… since the winery was in its early stages of development and we had no employees I decided to become our Marketing person.  I had no experience whatsoever, but that’s never stopped me.

I compiled a list of transportation companies and hotels and began calling people to see if they were interested in receiving info about Wiens Family Cellars.  I would send out a shiny black folder with our fancy logo sticker on it, filled with our story, a brochure the “boys” {read the 4 brothers, George, Dave, Doug and Jeff} had created and some fact sheets about awards our wines had won.

This didn’t take up much of my time and as I’ve always loved food, recipes, and reading cookbooks and am a Food Network junkie I looked for other sources to keep my mind busy.

I had occasionally read blogs a couple of friends were publishing and thought perhaps there might be food blogs as well.  Was I ever surprised at the numerous blogs of all types, but especially blogs featuring food, food and more food.  Everyone was talking about food!  People from all over the country {and I’ve come to find out, all over the world} love to share the stories of their lives and how food plays in to every day.

From these first blog encounters I have worked my way through Route 66 with Emily at Red Fork Hippie Chick, Oklahoma cattle country with Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, New York kitchens with Deb at Smitten Kitchen and Dorie at In the Kitchen and on the Road with Dorie Greenspan, just to name a few.

Once I realized I could travel anywhere in the world through a blog I was on my way to many discoveries.   I have “visited” Paris, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas, Hawaii, a few of the southern states and my “travels” are endless. One of my favorite stops is Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen in MI.  I “met” a fellow blogger, Penny, at Lake Lure and she greatly encouraged me in getting my blog started.  Thanks, Penny!  

It’s been a delicious journey through the regional cuisines of this great country of ours and overseas as well.

Since I’m the self-proclaimed Good Will Ambassador at the winery I’ve been toying with the blogging idea for over a year.  I’ve asked friends if they’d be interested in what goes on at the winery and they’ve each given a resounding “YES”!  Then with Penny’s encouragement, I really gave it some serious thought and finally figured “Why not!!!!???”  The worst that could happen was I’d fall flat on my face and call it a day!

Well, I launched The Days of Wiens and Roses on August 16, 2010 and people seem to be visiting!  I’ve been happy to welcome everyone and answer the questions that have come my way!  Hopefully the folks will return often and enjoy “visiting” the winery site as well!

I guess I’m here to stay.  I really do love the winery and what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past few years. Being able to share our days with the locals as well as folks that don’t live nearby is a grand adventure that I very much enjoy!

Cheers!  Leslie


2 responses to “My path to the winery blog

  1. I hope you’re “here to stay”……………….I’m depending on you to keep me informed!!!!!!!

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