Harvest Update

During the week of August 23-27, we harvested Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from 2 of our vineyards and Chardonnay from the vineyard on the winery grounds.

Last week we harvested another Pinot Gris vineyard that hadn’t finished ripening last week due to its east facing direction and another Pinot Noir vineyard that hadn’t ripened last week due to its orientation.  We also harvested a Petit Verdot vineyard.  The Petit Verdot is used as a blending wine to round out flavors and tones for other varietals.

One of my fellow bloggers, Penny at Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen Blog asked what our yield would be for the year.  My husband, David, told me the yield is about 2 tons for every acre we harvest.  We manage and harvest approx. 70 acres so we anticipate about 140 tons this season.  For those interested in 2009’s accurate harvest report go here.

I’m not sure what varietals will be ready for this week, but I’ll let you know as soon as the word is in!

Cheers!  Leslie

PS  You may be interested to know that the vineyards we manage are small, privately owned vineyards ranging from 3-20 acre parcels.  Most of the vineyards are located within a 30 mile radius from our winery which is how we are able to make available so many different varietals.  Each vineyard has its own soil composition, orientation to the sun and weather conditions that affect the grapes in a unique way.   All these factors help make each vineyard produce fruit with a unique flavor.  It also makes harvest more difficult, but well worth it in our opinion.


2 responses to “Harvest Update

  1. Wow, didn’t realize that different soil types can affect the taste of the grape. Neato. Is there a reason why grapes are grown in hilly rocky soil?

  2. According to my husband {who is not the winemaker, so I will check with Doug also}, grape vines like soil with good drainage. However the orientation of the slope factors in as well. Pinot Noir likes a north facing slope because it is cooler & the Noir like the cooler temps where other varietal wouldn’t like the north face at all.

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