Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Photo by Charressa Williams Wiens

All of us at Wiens Family Cellars wish you a great Labor Day weekend!  We hope you enjoy your BBQ’s, picnics and get togethers with family and friends.

The food blogger community has shared so many recipes for the weekend celebration I don’t know where to begin.  I’m sure you all have special food traditions that pair with great wines and beers!

I’m always up for a spicy deviled egg, or bring on the BBQed beef sandwiches, or the homemade potato salad with lots of dill pickles, red onion and green olives, and don’t forget the homemade ice cream concoctions to be enjoyed!

Whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful weekend!

Cheers!  Leslie


6 responses to “Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. and if I don’t see you before Monday…………………….You and David have a great holiday too!

  2. Hi Leslie!
    I see that you came by to visit my blog today, and I thank you for your kind words! I wonder how you found me? Your winery photo reminds me of my time in France and Northern California…what magic. A classic glass of red or a pink champagne are all you need to make the right ambiance. YOU have a lovely blog! Do come back soon! Anita

    • Hi Anita!
      I’m not certain how I found you. I meander from blog to blog just to find the creativity and amazing beauty among the bloggers. There are infinite subjects to blog about and the world is definitely our oyster. Glad you enjoyed my blog. I’m hoping it continues to improve as I learn more. Come back anytime!
      Cheers! Leslie

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments. I’m looking forward to cooking…cooking…cooking this weekend. I’d like to subscribe to your blog but don’t see an option to do so?

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