Sampling Dinner-Part 2

So, you decided to enjoy the rest of the evening with us!!!  Welcome back!

Our 1st course, paired with our Viognier, was a Salad Quad consisting of a Caesar salad with the most delicious cheese croutons I’ve ever tasted (and I’m usually not a crouton fan!), a Coastal-Greens with Manchego Cheese, Fried Shallot, Poached Pear Champagne Dressing, yum!, a Nouveau Cobb with Red and Green Leaf Lettuce, Pancetta, De Luz Avocado (De Luz is a local area where delicious avocados are grown), Amish Blue Cheese Peppercorn Dressing and Fields Spinach with Candied Cayenne Pecans, Heirloom Tomatoes, Fennel Raspberry Vinaigrette, Chevre Crostini.  And we haven’t even gotten to the main courses yet!!!

After all this deliciousness, out came the Watermelon sorbet .

 Now on to the main courses!

Our 2009 Solace which is “rich and buttery with floral, pear, and honey top notes” and our 2008 Pinot Noir, a” floral & spicy bouquet that blossoms fragrances of strawberry and cherry” paired beautifully with our Plated Trio Entrée courses.  Our first entrée was a free-range chicken breast marinated in Pesto and finished with a Pine nut Drizzle.  Delicious flavor.  Next was a Smoked Wild Salmon infused with Amour e L’Orange served with Citrus-Cilantro Coulis-out of this world yummy!!!  Last, but not least was a Polenta Stack with smoked blue polenta, balsamic Portobello, grilled squash and Chardonnay-Pesto cream reduction.  WOW!!!

Thinking we could not eat another bite out came the last entrée, a New York Pav’e steak grilled over cherry wood with Cabernet Sauvignon Demi Glace’, served with garlic mashed potatoes and paired with our 2007 Tempranillo Petite Sirah with its “spicy/earthy tones and berry/plum flavors”.

Since our guests were sampling foods for their wedding receptions, anniversary parties and other events we had to present dessert as well.  So out came the mini dessert from San Diego Desserts (  Holy Smokes!!!  Each one was exquisite and unique in its own way and was paired with our White Port.

As usual the food was phenomenal and everyone had an excellent time.

Thanks for being a part of our evening!  Come back any time!

Cheers!  Leslie


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