Sampling Dinner-Part 1

  I’d like to introduce you to our Events staff.

Jaime, Carrie and Kenna are the best at planning parties, weddings, meetings, you name it.  Besides doing a great job, they’re fun to hang out with!  Kudos to the gals for a beautiful gathering.

This past Sunday evening we held one of our amazing Sampling Dinners.  These dinners provide an opportunity for those who have booked an event at Wiens Family Cellars to sample some of the delicious dishes offered by Volker of Vineyard Catering in Temecula, paired with our wines. 

Meet Volker, our amazing Chef!

We began the evening on the patio sipping our Amour De L’Orange sparkling wine and enjoying appetizers consisting of beef skewers, which were tender and tasty, an asparagus wrapped in filo dough with a dot of hollandaise sauce,  a bite of grilled scallop with carrot strands,  the scallop and the sweetness of the carrot being a lovely mix of flavors, and rounded out with 2 different tastes wrapped in a lettuce leaf, one an olive tapenade and radish for a bit of a bite and the other was Volker’s multi-spiced hummus that bursts with flavors.

The best was yet to come.  We moved into our Barrel Room for dinner and were enchanted with the elegant venue.  The white and light beige tones, simple flower arrangements and oak barrel backdrops were lovely.

Dinner and dessert were delicious so please return tomorrow to enjoy the rest of the meal!

Cheers!  Leslie


2 responses to “Sampling Dinner-Part 1

  1. Leslie…you’re the best! You are such a talented writer! Thanks for the kudos!

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