As promised…

…here are a few pictures out in the vineyards.  The mornings can be misty and by the afternoon the tempetures can be in the low 100’s.  The crews begin as early as possible to avoid the afternoon heat.                                   



I put the cart before the horse and posted the crush pictures before the vineyard pictures!   As you can see in Saturday’s post there is alot of very large equipment and machinery involved with crush and a few moments were captured without getting in the way!

Cheers!  Leslie


8 responses to “As promised…

  1. Debbie Israel Wiens

    Your new blog looks amazing and is filled with so much news and timely updates–that’s important in our fast-paced world of wine! Thanks for all your work in making this Blog a reality!

  2. Thanks, Debbie! I appreciate the support!

  3. Hey Leslie,
    Glad you told me about your blog! It’s great and very informative. I’ll be following it closely for use as an up-to-date info center while I’m working as your favorite front door greeter at Wiens!

  4. I love the misty vineyard shot. Beautiful!

  5. Love the 1st photo. Very beautiful.

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