…has finally arrived.  We have been watching the grapes closely this year due to the summer being cooler than usual. The concern was that mold might form on the grape clusters due to the wetter conditions and spoil the entire crop.  But not to worry, ol’ Mother Nature did her job brilliantly and the sunny, hot days have ripened the grapes beautifully.  In fact, harvest is starting only 1 week behind schedule, rather than the 3 weeks Doug, our winemaker had originally predicted.

 Here the crew poses for a picture before the hard work begins.    These fellows will be busy from now until the middle or end of October, maybe even into November due to the late start this year.  All our grape clusters are hand-picked, which is very labor intensive, but hand picking provides for the best possible handling of the grapes.

Join us tomorrow for some shots out in the vineyards!

Cheers!  Leslie


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