Our best laid plans

I promised I’d get back to you yesterday about the weekend at the winery and life just got in the way!  Sorry!

As I predicted on Saturday’s post, it was a hot, but beautiful day at Wiens Family Cellars.  David (my husband) and I arrived around 1 pm and the place was hoppin’.  There were so many people visiting wine country that many joined us at Wiens’ with picnic baskets and blankets in hand to enjoy a few bottles of wine and the glorious day!

I chatted with some great folks all afternoon, many had never been to the winery and others we’ve seen often and enjoy welcoming back!

I happened to run into Janie & Bob Sutton, the couple who purchased the original vineyard property in central California where this wild winery adventure began!  They had come to check out Temecula and were hoping to meet up with Doug Wiens, my brother-in-law and our amazing wine maker.  More about their visit in an upcoming post.

I was able to get some pictures taken , which I’m dying to share with you, and as soon as I figure out how to download, the posts will have pictures aplenty!  Thanks for your patience!

Cheers!  Leslie


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