Hello world!

When you launch a ship, you break a bottle of champagne on the side to christen it.  When you launch a blog about a winery, you open a bottle of Amour De L’ Orange sparkling wine from Wiens Family Cellars and make a toast for success!

I’m looking forward to sharing our winery with you!  It’s a delightful place to make friends, enjoy amazing wines and meet a family that cares deeply about offering an excellent product and experience when you pass through our doors.

As we journey through the upcoming months I will share with you the goings on at Wiens Family Cellars as well as introduce you to all the wonderful folks who help make the winery the best spot on earth.  You’ll be up close and personal for Events, Wine releases, Last Calls, Recipes, Giveaways and a host of other adventures!  We’re happy to welcome you into the family and look forward to seeing you!

Cheers!  Leslie


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Leslie,
    I am so happy that you launched your blog! It looks beautiful and I wish you nothing but good times. The blogging community will embrace you.
    My Best, Penny

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