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I have had the blog redesigned and you can now find me at   Come join me as I continue my adventures around the winery and all parts of Temecula.

Cheers!  Leslie


Come join the fun

One of the best things about harvest is the celebrating when it’s completed!  The Temecula Valley Harvest Celebration Barrel Tasting Weekend starts 2 weeks from tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday, November 6th & 7th.  The Temecula Winegrowers Association has all the information you need, so check it out & join us for the 2 day celebration.  There will be lots of great food and wines to sample and enjoy!  

To order tickets, check here

Photo taken by Roberto Gutierrez, one of my Featured Photographers.  I will be showcasing many of Roberto’s pictures in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

 We hope you can join us for the weekend!  Come on by and introduce yourselves, we’d love to meet you!

Cheers!  Leslie

Join us for dinner!

Don’t forget to make your reservations for The Wine Maker’s Dinner at D’Canters this evening.  Check this previous post for all the information.

Hope to see you there!

Cheers!  Leslie

When is enough, enough?

Running your own business, or being involved in an activity you love is a good thing, until it overcomes you and becomes a divisive thing.

We all know people who love what they do and are very good at it.  My husband is one of those people.  I used to be one of those people too, until I learned some very interesting lessons.

Many years ago I ran my own window covering business.  I took care of all the marketing, sales, installations and customer service for my business.  I worked from early morning into the late night hours, always thinking if I continued to work hard everything would go well for me.

Well, I was so focused on success and getting things done that I began to lose sight of why I was in business to begin with.  My original goal had been to provide a great product for my clients and excellent customer service.

My drive began to work against me.  I was stressed out, overworked, angry and generally no fun to be around.

I had to learn that it was okay, and actually essential for me to have down time, time when I focused on other activities and people in order to keep myself in balance.  Balance in all things is a very important quality to remember and maintain.  It will keep you sane, calm and enjoying the very work you love to do.

For any of you out there who work yourselves to distraction, or know anyone who is in this mindset, remind them, and yourself to stop for a moment, or an hour or a few days if possible and recenter your priorities.  You will be happier, your coworkers and employees will be happier and your loved ones will also be happier.

I’m just sayin’.

Cheers!  Leslie

Are you ready for an evening out?

This Thursday, October 21st, please join Angela Pike, the owner of D’Canters Wine Bar and Grill, and David Owthaite, from Wiens Family Cellars for a 5 Course Dinner complete with delicious wines from Wiens.

On the menu to enjoy:   


2009 Solace Chardonnay Blend

Creole Oyster & Artichoke Soup



2008 Reflections Meritage

Mesquite Rack of Lamb with Grilled Ratatouille



2007 Crowded Meritage

Portabella Lasagna with Roasted Tomato Sauce



2008 Tempranillo/Petite Sirah

Medallions of Venison with Smoked Gouda Potatoes



Ruby Port

Chocolate Amaretto Custard

It all sounds delicious and we hope you can join us.  D’Canters is a cozy little place with a great vibe.  Don’t forget to call ahead for your reservations.  It will be an evening you won’t soon forget!

5 Course Winemaker’s Dinner is $80.00 per person.

Please call D’Canters on 951-678-2828 for reservations.  

For other events and offers at D’Canters, check here.

D’Canters Wine Bar and Grill

32100 Clinton Keith Rd

Wildomar, CA 92595

Cheers!  Leslie

Happy Wiensfest!!!

Wiens Family Cellars celebrated our 4th Anniversary with Wiensfest!!!  Our Wine Club members were invited to a party with lots of activities, entertainment, great food and excellent beers & wines.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative, but everyone had a great time regardless.

Upon arrival you got your drink of choice and visited with the folks.  We had the normal beers but were fortunate to have on tap, beers from a new brewery here in Temecula called Black Market Brewery.  Check it out!  Andrew has a great thing going and we’d love for you to head his way for some tasting!

Charressa and Luke, my niece and nephew enjoying the party!

George, Lee and Jeff, 3 of my brother-in-laws (or outlaws as the case can sometimes be!!!)

Of course everyone remembers Lucy and the grape stomping adventure so they enjoyed being part of the merriment.  The contests were fierce this year and the winners each received a bottle of Wiens wine as a prize much to everyone’s satisfaction!!!

More contestants!

 If you got hungry wandering around or watching all those grape stomping activities, or listening and dancing to the Gordon Kohl & Music band, there were plenty of german delights to enjoy!  Volker, our chef, did an amazing job presenting the best of the best traditional treats!!!

Since Mother Nature decided to send us showers, we moved the band inside and enjoyed the remainder of the activities in a dry and comfortable venue.

These guests were enjoying the music and dancing their hearts out!

Here’s Debbie, (Doug, the winemaker’s wife & therefore a sister-in-law)  competing in the strong girl or girlie-girl competition.  There were 3 groups of ladies that entered this competition!  Go ladies!!!

These folks were entered in the costume contest.

As were the rest of these folks!  The ladies in the shorter green skirts are our lovely events gals and their assistants!

Enjoying the activities are my aunt Aletha, myself and another sister-in-law, Beth.

This crazy trio is Grandma Mary ( my mother-in-law), yours truly, and David, my husband, who was able to sit down and enjoy himself finally.

The mood of the day was relaxed and happy, filled with great company to enjoy and lots of prizes being handed out!  We invite you to join us next year for our 5th Anniversary!

Cheers!  Leslie

The Sweet Life

Are you someone who likes to walk on the sweet side of wine???  Well, starting today, until Tuesday, October 19, 2010 we are offering 2 sweet dessert wines, Clementine and Dulce Maria, and our Amour De L’ Orange Sparkling wine as a 3 pack for $55.00 or $44.00 for our Wine Club members.  This offer is available ONLINE only, check ship to states.

This trio will send you swooning! As I mentioned in a previous post  the Clementine is our newest member on the dessert list and she’s a lovely addition.  The Dulce Maria has been a favorite on our dessert list for quite a while and was actually named after a family member.

Grandma Mary, the matriarch of the Wiens clan, mentioned to her son Doug, the winemaker, that she loved sweet wines.  Doug then created this yummy sweet wine and named it after his mom, Mary.  So Dulce Maria means Sweet Mary.

Last but not least is our delicious Amour De L’ Orange Sparkling wine.  It is a great choice any time of day or night, by itself or with a little orange juice delicately mixed in.

Wiens Family Cellars
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Wiens Family Cellars – 888.98.WIENS – Temecula, California

You can’t go wrong having all three of these on hand for every day and any special occasion!  Take advantage of this great offer before time runs out!

Cheers!  Leslie

This offer has expired.